Vendor Quotes Offering

Tacit Intellect serves as the facilitator that connects business with certain requirements with business that can full fill those requirements successfully. As a manager of a business that requires a solution that does not form part of your core offering it can be challenging to find a skilled, trustworthy and competitive service or product provider without significant effort. This is where Tacit Intellect will rise to meet these challenges.

One of the key challenges service or product oriented businesses face on a day to day basis is generating leads for their business. This can be a time consuming, tedious and costly process with little or insignificant payoffs.

Tacit Intellect prides itself by connecting businesses daily, taking the stressful and time consuming aspects out of the process, ensuring the business to business connections made are geared towards ensuring both parties objectives are met timeously. As part of the offering Tacit Intellect will assist the business that requires a specific solution to obtain at least 5 competitive quotes and provide proven suppliers with the ability to find new business. This service provides coverage of all quotes and requests for proposal obtained via the Tacit Intellect website as well as from a well formed network of business stakeholders.

Typical quote categories include:

  • IT Solutions, including software, network and hardware
  • Graphic design solutions
  • Marketing solutions
  • Media solutions
  • Advertising solutions