Tacit Intellect has a database and network of companies that are looking for skilled, innovative and adaptable employees that are keen to make a difference in their organizations. If you are this kind of person then we will help you find the right job within the right company to ensure job satisfaction. However we have a very stringent interview process to ensure that only the best candidates are presented to the companies we are representing.

Our interview process lasts approximately 60 minutes and has three parts:

  • In the first part, we will ask you questions aimed at understanding your personality and professional interests
  • The second part is more practical, where business cases are proposed so that we can assess your analytical capacity
  • The third part consists of questions to ensure you fit into the organizations culture

Before we arrange an interview with a company that suits your needs we will coordinate all the necessary checks including reference checks and any other required company checks. During the whole recruitment process we will provide you timeously feedback regardless of the outcome. Once you are successful placed at one of the companies we are representing we ensure that the company provides you a letter of offer and we will confirm your contact points of your employment.