Business Process Management

In the new era of business transformation, an increasing number of businesses are looking at reorienting themselves into a process-centric and a customer-focused organization. Each day presents a new set of challenges and risks for companies operating in a fast-changing marketplace. Market pressures and changing business needs demand a fundamental shift in the way companies approach business processes. Companies are aiming at streamlining these processes in order to quickly respond to changing market conditions. This shift in thinking has led businesses to the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM). BPM is not a silver bullet to a company’s problem nor is it just about the process. The core of BPM dwells on balancing the alignment between people, processes and technology to drive improvements which results in maximum value, enhanced business performance, cost reduction, increased productivity and better adherence to best practices.

At Tacit Intellect we have divided our service offering into the following categories:

  • Business Process Architecture – in designing your business, we align people, process and technology to your strategic vision and core business functions in order to create a customer and process centric organization
  • Business Process Optimization – in optimizing process we ensure that process are designed to be agile, customer focused which drive efficiencies within the organization
  • Business Process Automation – we use the most appropriate technology to automate processes so that you have less maintenance work and excellent business results
  • Business Process Improvement – we implement methodologies to monitor business processes to ensure continuous improvement
  • Change Management – we implement change management strategies to help people transition from their current way of working to the desired way of working